There is a long tradition of chine manufacturing in Bohemia. Breaking development occurred particularly in the West-Bohemia, thanks to good resources of raw materials. Many factories were founded here. As industry and electrification was taking ever more important position, the demand of technical and electric-technical porcelain and ceramics was increasing. Production of these products started to develop first within a production of consumer china and decorative ceramics, later on as independent industries.

Key data from the EPL history

1880 - manufacturing of porcelain products was started in Merklín. First of all consumer porcelain products were produced.

1880 - Bernard Berman´s Company was founded, engaged in production of technologic and electric-technologic ceramic products.

1913 - production of low-voltage insulators was introduced in Merklín.

1950 - operation of the new production complex was started in Louny, specialised to production of low- and high-voltage insulators.

1958 - six Czech ceramic factories were merged: in Louny, Merklín, Bohosudov, Klenčí, Desná, Žacléř, and one Slovak factory in Čab. The association was included into Závody silnoproudé elektrotechniky Praha under the name Elektroporcelán Louny. The entire production of electric-technologic and technologic ceramic products in Czechoslovakia was integrated here. The association was aimed to exports particularly.

1967 - production of special products from the oxidised ceramic materials was started.

1991 - privatisation of the association of companies was started. Within the privatisation process, taking several years, the factories in Bohosudov, Klenčí, Desná, Žacléř and Čab were separated.

1994 - the present joint-stock company was established, under the original name of Elektroporcelán Louny a.s., in which the factories in Louny and Merklín are integrated. The company oriented itself to exports immediately, and it has exported about 50% its production.

1996 - a quality of the products was certified by the ISO 9001.

2002 - the quality of the products was certified by the EN ISO 9001:2000.

2004 - development of new mass C130.

2006 - beginning of Trading Division.

2008 - the quality of products was certified by the EN, ISO 9001:2000 was acquired the certificate, EN ISO 14001:2004 was acquired the certificate, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

2009 - subcompany EPL Group EU s.r.o. was founded, start of manufacturing of composite insulators.

2012 - EPL launched e-shop for insulators www.worldofinsulators.com.

Nowadays, we are an important European manufacturer of ceramic insulators and technologic ceramic products. Thanks to a high level of our products we are winning considerable shares in the very demanding markets in Europe, Australia and North America. Our production complies with the Czech and foreign standards, and we are ready to deliver also our special products which have been developed based on our customers´ needs.


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